Final piece installed documentation (Studio)


Final piece, "Tell it to someone that believes you" is a collaboration with Raphael Delbono. 

We have taken a Colorado UFO account apart and reworked it into something quite different. The video you see is a series of shots taken from the sections of the account that feature empty spaces. The speaker on the ground plays continuous white noise. The black button on the wall - when pressed plays the compilation of music and sounds from the account found between the speech. The MIR Motion detector, attached discretely to the edge of our installation section plays the words "Do you see them? Do you see them" when people are in close proximity (sensitivity stretches four metres). We decided to strategically place the motion detector in a spot that would trigger the sound as soon as a person enters into our installation space. By being present, the viewer is able to build as much of the narrative as they wish to do so, through the amount interacting they are willing to do.

Final piece - Images of outcome


Screenshot 2018-04-16 19.32.05.png

Final piece (a still).

Visual component - final outcome (Please note this is not the entire piece).

"Do you see em? Do you see em?"

The immediate future

Account 1

Account 2

Account 3